Damsels in distress.

I got to go see Inception last night.  I thought it was a fine movie, although I saw the primary plot twist coming from about 14 miles away.  Still, the cast did an excellent job, and the movie was a lot of fun.

After the movie, I was watching the credits and noticed that the young couple a few rows in front of me hadn’t left and were looking for something.  They were trying to use their cell phone screens as lights in the dim theater, and not having much success.  The young lady made a call to ask someone if they had her wallet… and they did not.  I pulled out my trusty Nexus One and launched a little application that lights up the LED Camera Flash for use as a flashlight.  Within moments, the wallet was found, and the day was saved.

How often do you get to rescue a damsel in distress with a geek phone?

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