Nothing exciting.

My daughter is in France this week. She had the opportunity to go visit a good friend of hers who is living in France for a year. So off she went all by her big self to another country across the ocean. I know that *I* never got to do anything like that when *I* was 13. I am so jealous. Of course I miss her a lot, and have been terribly worried. But I’m also terribly proud of her.

I’ve got a new Dell computer on the way. It’s been about seven years since I bought a new computer. And it’s a nice one. The tax refund was good to me this year.

Sprint DSL just started offering 3mbps/512K speeds for the same price I was paying for 512K/128K speeds. Seeing 420KBps on a download is cooooool.

The only downside lately has been that my new DVD/CDRW combo drive died. And my new Geforce TI 4200 died. No idea on why my two newest components in my current computer would decide to give up the ghost within weeks of each other, but there you go.

Nothing exciting? Ok, so I lied…

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2 Responses to Nothing exciting.

  1. Your sister says:

    Awesome stuff happening right now. I can’t wait to hear about my neice’s trip! The computer sounds fantastic. That’s like getting a new baby. Please send pics to Aunt MJ! Very sad about your computer components. Very, very, very sad. Have a good rest of your weekend!

  2. Lafe says:

    I’ll send you pics as soon as I get my new ‘puter in shape to download ’em.

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