New version of WordPress.

If you’re viewing this post fairly recently after I’ve written it, then you’re probably seeing in a different light. This is due to my recent upgrade to WordPress 1.5. As I get the new styles and themes worked out, I’ll be getting the look and feel back to something resembling normal. Not to say there won’t be any style changes. We’ll see…

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  1. Lafe says:

    Ok, the looknfeel is mostly back to normal. There are some changes, notably on these here comment pages, but they’ll have to wait until I can dink around with them some more.

    I’m really looking forward to playing with some of the nifty-keano-cool comment spam blocking features. Maybe I won’t have to manually delete and block quite so many spammers any more. There’s even a feature to block all spam coming from known and insecure proxy servers. Woo hoo!

    Onward and upward and all that…

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