Gmail invitation disposal.

Gmail, the new free webmail offered by Google, has been bandied about the news services due to their offer of 1 gigabyte of free storage, and their controversial privacy policies.

The service is still in beta, and so membership is “closed.” To become a member, someone who already has a email account has to send you an invitation. For a short while, these invitations were heavily sought-after, but they have become more and more prolific as time has progressed.

Now, it seems that you can’t even give them away. There are now some folks who offer to take them off your hands for a small fee.

The price is still a bit high, but I expect it will come down fairly rapidly.

In fact, for the much lower price of $35, I’ll take one gmail invitation off the hands of anyone reading this post. This offer won’t be good forever, and you’ve gotta admit, the price is right…

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