I’ve been robbed.

More or less literally, though it wasn’t in person or anything like that. It seems that a fraudulent charge has been made on the check-card on my personal checking account. Fortunately, this is a separate account from our house account, but any way you look at it it sucks pretty big. My wife received an overdraft notification in the mail, only two days after the theft occurred. My account was cleaned out, but the theft only clocked in at $145. Thank goodness it was my personal account.

My bank has been very helpful so far. I’ve contested the charge, and they’ll be putting a “provisional credit” into my account to cover the loss. Then they turn the paperwork over to another company who will attempt to verify that the chargeback is legitimate. Assuming they agree that it’s legitimate, I get to keep the money. In the case that they decided it wasn’t (unlikely in this case), they’d take the money back.

I should be able to convince someone that I had no part in ordering $145 of Windows XP icons.


If it ain’t one thing, it’s twenty.

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