Got a Gmail account, it seems nifty.

Thanks to mefi user smich (and keli, though smich beat her by a hair), I have been given an invitation to Gmail, which is Google’s new email service.

It won’t become my primary email, but I will probably use it to archive interesting, funny, informative, or otherwise keepable email, by the simple method of forwarding or CC’ing it when desired. I really like some of what they’ve done with the interface, and some of the new concepts they’re introducing. It seems fast, slick, and usable.

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2 Responses to Got a Gmail account, it seems nifty.

  1. amb says:

    I’m very interested in having a Gmail-Account. Could you do me a favour and invite me for Gmail?
    That would be very nice.
    Thank you!


  2. Lafe says:

    Hi amb. The next time I get invitations, I’ll send you one.

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