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I’ve made a life change and a site change, and they can both be followed by checking out my brand-spankin’ new running blog.

That’s right, I took up running. Or rather, I am taking up running. I’ve only just started, and things are progressing at the rate one would expect an overweight chair-warmer to achieve when beginning to run. However, I figure if I can survive the first month or two, I’ll be in much better shape than before. The running isn’t totally about weight loss, though that’s a big part of it. The running is about doing something to keep the ol’ body-as-machine in running (pun intended) order. I’m tired of back pain. I’m tired of blowing like a bellows when I walk up a flight of stairs. I’m tired of weighing this much, and I’m tired of looking this way.

Naturally, I don’t know that anyone out there could care in the least bit about keeping up with my ramblings on running. But when has that ever stopped me before?

As I get time, I’ll provide links to the new blog from here. I’ll probably change the look of it at some point. And I may even try playing around with “syndicating” it from here. Or not.

In any case, if you wish to check it out, just visit: Lafe Runs

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Lafe is a beer and computer geek who occasionally writes his thoughts for the world to see.
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