Escape from the room.

While perusing Metafilter, I ran across some links to the following flash games. They are puzzles in which you must escape from a room.

The first is The Crimson Room.

The second, and sequel to the first, is The Viridian Room. (mirror)

I found these to be surprisingly enjoyable. And I managed to beat both of ’em!

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  1. james says:

    please tell me how to complete veridian room. e-mial it to the adr-
    ess. thanks.

  2. Lafe says:

    Well, tell me how far you’ve gotten, and I’ll see if I can nudge you in the right direction.

  3. james says:

    i have six of the pieces of paper, the photo frame, the two picturers the insence sticks, the lighter, the medicene(ive seen the paper inside of it), the beer can, and ive burnt the hair and found the secret picture under it. wat next.

  4. Lafe says:

    You may wish to check the skeleton under the rug. His left arm has to be clicked repeatedly to release at least one object, and there’s another object there if you haven’t found it already. You need the green cube.

    The piece of paper in the medicine bottle, and the burnt piece of paper, give you the pattern to fill the green cube.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Lafe says:

    Oh, and once you’ve got the two objects from the skeleton, there’s a third you need inside the blanket that was covering him.

  6. james says:

    life saver. anything u need to know email me.

  7. Lafe says:

    I’m glad you got it figured out!

  8. gollysmolly says:

    how do i fold the cube?
    do i have to put it on the altar and how?

  9. Lafe says:

    To fold the cube, follow the hints given in the piece of paper from the medicine bottle, and the paper that contained the hair. (To reveal the hint on the paper with the hair, use the lighter on it, several times.)

  10. Juliana (Brasil) says:

    Hi… Help me please!!!
    How do i find this green cube?
    there is nothing else near of the skeleton… where is it!?
    Tell me plese!!!

  11. Lafe says:

    The green cube is in the blanket over the skeleton, but you won’t be able to get to it until you’ve gotten the other two items from him. One item is just sitting there, and the other (a key) won’t appear until you’ve clicked the left arm many times. Once you’ve got both of those, careful clicking around the blanket should get you a view towards the feet, and you should be able to find a tear in the blanket. Keep tearing, and you’ll get the cube out of the blanket. Good luck.

  12. Juliana (Brasil) says:

    Thank you very much!!! I’ve finished the game!
    I just don’t understand why the picture of the boy doesn’t means
    nothing… i think that it will solve all the problems… poor kid…
    there is any other cool game that you know???

  13. Lafe says:

    It is my pleasure! If you haven’t played the first one, the Crimson Room, then you might want to give that one a shot.

    A different sort of flash game, that I like, is Defend Your Castle.

  14. Skittles says:

    HELP! I cant find out what to do with all this stuff….I have the cube, and the cd in the case, picture in the frame….I put the COLD beer, framed picture, and cd in the case at the alter, lit the encense and hit the bell, but it says something is still missing. Amd I supped to do something with the cd? What am I not getting?! I am so confused!

  15. Chris says:

    I am having the same problem as Skittles is. What did i forget? Someone please help!

  16. Chris says:

    Do I have to do anything with the lock around the skeleton’s feet?

  17. Juliana (Brasil) says:

    Yes Chris… you have to take off the lock… How!? The number combination is the date that the boy bought the bike… this date is in the first page of his diary… understood?

  18. Lafe says:

    Ahh, Juliana beat me to it. And she has it correct!

  19. lostsoul says:

    I’m told the lighter is under the trash can- I have clicked away to no avail-what am I doing wrong??Help!!

  20. Lafe says:

    The trashcan can be lifted. Make sure you’re viewing it from the right angle.

  21. Lafe says:

    More specifically, the trashcan can be lifted after you have examined the item properties of the white paper with hair in it.

  22. Juliana (Brasil) says:

    Well well… who would say that I would be capable to give tips of this crazy game…
    rsrsrs… Kisses to you Lafe…

  23. lostsoul says:

    can you beleive my daughter of 4yrs got the lighter after I’d tried ages- anyway now trying to do the ceremonials and see if the body’ll be revived- thanks for the help

  24. Lafe says:

    Good job Juliana! You’re an expert now. ;)

    And good luck lostsoul, you’re almost there.

  25. Gino says:

    Ok, I’ve done everything possible but I cant find the 6th Chinese character thats supposedly on the lamp… I click and click and nothing comes up. What angle do you have to be looking at the light at? Lets say, whats in view when you look at the light and get the 6th character??

  26. Gino says:

    YES! I just got it… that was weird lol

  27. Lafe says:

    Congrats Gino! It’s definitely a weird game, but fun.

  28. Kevin says:

    Where do you burn the hair and how? How do you get the CD?How do you open the diary?

  29. Kevin says:

    i found out how to open the diary. No other stuff, though.

  30. Kevin says:

    What’s the code for the lock on the skeleton’s feet?

  31. Lafe says:

    Hi Kevin. Some of your answers are listed above, but I’ll sum up.

    The CD is on the last page of the diary. To burn the hair you need the lighter, which is under the trash can, which you can lift up after you’ve examined the “item properties” of the paper with hair. The code for the lock on the skeleton’s feet is the date of the first entry in the diary.

    Good luck.

  32. Kevin says:

    the date is 6-13-04, but there are only 4 number slots.

  33. itachi says:

    i have cd in the cd case, 6 chinese cards, lighter medicine bottle( i know how to use it) 2 photos, cube cold beer box key lighter insence sticks and every thing else. WHAT NOW????????

  34. andrew says:

    what is the exact combonation on the lock cause a date consists of five digits? i have already tried 2004 1404 0414 0614

  35. andrew says:

    one more thing … u have to put items on the shelf before your cube will fold up( i have all the characters in the right place)does the chilli bear half to b on the shelf or with u

  36. Lafe says:

    Ahh, for the combination to the lock, try using the date of the “birthday” found in the diary (it changes). That may work better. Just the month and day for the four digits, you don’t need to use the year.

    The cube will fold up by itself once you have the cards in the correct positions. If it hasn’t folded up, you didn’t get the positions correct.

    The beer has to be on the shelf, and chilled (must have been gotten out of the fridge recently).

  37. claire says:

    ok.. i only have 5 of the little paper pieces,, i got one from the light, under the slippers, under the meat, in the trashcan, and under the brown cardboard stuff.. and i’ve put the ones that i have in the right spaces and unlocked the bike lock and i think i have everything except the incense sticks,, where are those and the piece of paper that im missing?

  38. Lafe says:

    From the sound of it, the last little piece of paper that you’re missing is the one that runs along the top of one of the walls. You have to view it from the right angle, and look sharp.

    Good luck!

  39. Laura says:

    Ahhhh! I have done everything, but I can’t seem to get the block to go on the shelf! Does it go there, or do I put it somewhere else? Also, I have the beer, the picture (with the female in it), the ensence (lit up), and the CD in the case on the alter, and it still says something is missing.. is tha the cube? Please help!

  40. Lafe says:

    Hi Laura. You can’t place the cube on the altar (it will be placed there for you). You don’t need the picture on the shelf to win the game (I think it’s possible that it could even hinder, but I’m not sure about that), but you do need the CD on the shelf. Have you released the skeleton from his chains? The beer has to be cold, which means you have to make sure it hasn’t been too long since you took it out of the fridge.

  41. Rox. says:

    do I have to anything special with the girls photo… the only Item i can place on the altar is the CD

  42. jasmine says:

    okay, no matter what i try to do, i can’t seem to get the bike chain to unlock. i’ve tried every date in the diary plus today’s date. i think this is all i need because whenever i set up the altar it says something’s missing. it’s weird though because the dates have 5 numbers and the combination only has 4. what are you supposed to do after you put in the numbers?

  43. jasmine says:

    nevermind!!! i i got out!!! woooooooo!!!

  44. Lafe says:

    Congrats Jasmine!

  45. alyson says:

    i cant figure out how to get the last chinese card? what angle like looking at the cabinet or at the door?and then im lost on how to fold the green cube

  46. Lannon says:

    My trash can wont lift up and it is making me pissed off. I will try to do it though and i cant figure out how to fold that green cube thing. I NEED HELP!!!!

  47. Lafe says:

    Alyson: Which cards have you found so far? That’ll help me point you towards the last one. For folding the green cube, you need to use the paper out of the pill bottle, and the paper with the hair in it for clues on how to arrange the cards on the cube cut-out. Once you get the cards arranged properly, the cube will fold itself.

    Lannon: Once you have the paper with hair in it, look at it in your inventory (click the “about item” button). Once you’ve done that, go back to the trash can, and click it, and it will lift up. For some odd reason you can’t pick it up until you’ve viewed the item properties of the paper with the hair.

    Good luck!

  48. alyson says:

    where do i put the cube after i folded it? and is the frame supposed otnhave a girl or a boy in it?

  49. alyson says:

    ok i need to know exactly what goes on the shelf cuz i have everything and it says I have things missing?

  50. Nate says:

    What is the pin number for he bike lock?

  51. jon says:

    k, burn the hairs with the lighter under trash can, keep the beer cold, key for diary is under skely’s hand, the code for the bike lock is in the diary but it is a date when something got stolen, put the symbols on the green numbers in the correct orderto make prayer box , i think u dumb asses should be able to figure it out from there. haha

  52. lisa says:

    where do you put the hairs to burn them? blah i’ve been trying for ages to get them to burn. where?!?!?!

  53. Nate says:

    Veiw the paper with the hair then use the lighter on it several times and the clue will appear.

  54. sloan says:

    I AM SOOO MAD!!! The birthday in the diary is feb 7 2005. HOW DOES THAT FIT IN THE BIKE CHAIN!!! and the blanket is gone already what was i supposed to get?

  55. sloan says:

    and i need the 6th paper doodad. one from the lamp check. one under the tea mats check. one under the slippers check. one under the meat check. one in the trash can check one on the wall check! i know thats 6 but i only have 5!!!!! and where is the stupid incense?!?!? im not good at these stratagey games.

  56. sloan says:


  57. sloan says:

    wait…i know to many posts. the one from the trash can is the one with the hair! are you supposed to burn the hair and then the paper becomes the 6th one?

  58. sloan says:


  59. Lafe says:

    Good going sloan! Sorry I haven’t been around the last couple of days, but I think you’ll find all the answers to your questions have been answered above. Good luck!

  60. domestic says:

    for viridian room you need 6 japaneese sybols COLD beer (in fridge) medicine bottle(in skeletons hand) key to open diary(by skeletons wrist) incease sticks(top of bookshelf) lighter(under garbage can) picture frame(under shelf with slippers on it) and green dice(can only get when unlock bike lock by skeleton feet and blanket in inventory go to about items and keep clicking on blanket)

  61. brock says:

    how do you find the heavy key and what is the code for the safe

  62. brock says:

    this is in the crimson room by the way

  63. Megan says:

    I cant get the green box to fold? I think I put all the 6 papers in the right places? HELP ME!!!!!

  64. brad says:


  65. Courtney says:

    Ya Im having the same problem I cant find the paper around the light!!! If u find it lemme know!!!! lol I haven everytthing else though

  66. yvonne says:

    does any one know were i can find the second ring in the first gAME THINGY IV BEEN TRYING TO FIND FOR LIKE AN HOUR

  67. leah says:

    the second ring is in the yellow curtain just keep clicking on it and it should fall out then place both rings into the red box and then place the metal bar on the box also(this bar is down the side of the bed by the pillow)it takes a long time but it is there. and gud luk

  68. arghhhhh says:

    ok please patronise me and say how to put the date in the lock if the date is….jul 1st 2005 friday as the first page and the page where bike is stolen is july 6th 2005 wednesday please say what to type as the code and where evrything should be ie can must be out fridge thanks in advance

  69. Branny says:

    ive got 5 cards but i cant find the one that is on the light??? how do u get it and wot angle do you look at it???

  70. tash says:

    What is the order the chinese symbols must go into the green cross-thing.its frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help

  71. Bradd says:

    The viridien room is easy.First get the card thing under the fish in the
    frigde dont take beer youll need it cold in the end.Then get the card under the shoes and then look under the dresser u will get a picture frame
    .Then stay in that place look up you will see another card take it.
    now look in the trash pick the hair up then check all invitory and then pick up the trash you will have a lighter.Now look at the carpet pick it
    up ahhhhhhhh! a skeleton look in the right hand there is pills take em.
    look under the left arm this is very hard to see there is a key get it.
    put the key in the diary go to the last page there is a cd take it put it i
    in the cd case.gatta go.

    To Be Continued

  72. czetaz says:

    crimson room where i can find the code for the safe

  73. becca says:

    help. i need the code for the bike lock, and 0904 isn’t working neither is 0248, please help

  74. Krissy says:

    i need help with finishing the viridien room. i have a buring inscence, a cold can of beer, and a cd case with a cd in it, on the altar, and it says, that i have one more thing to add to it…..what is it????? please helpppp

  75. bobby says:

    wer is the sixth paper i cant freaken find it i got the one on the wall under meat in trash under slippers etc but not the one above the light i cant freakin find it grrrrrrrrr

  76. tookme long enough says:

    i finally beat it thx so much for all the help from ur site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. paige n sean says:

    i could cry. my brother and i are going crazy. i’m having the same problem as sloan. i’m missing the sixth chinese character, but i know that i went to all six places. i’m pretty sure that i did anyways. i know that i found something at all six places. am i missing something. somebody please help me!! it’s midnight and i just want to go to bed and sleep. It’ll bug me all night if i cant get out of the viridian room. ggrrrr

  78. paige n sean says:

    wait! is there a chinese character in the trash can? i looked and all i found was the hair thing and a lighter. i restarted. XP hmmm…

  79. Gracey Lu says:

    Hi yeah i cannot find the item that is missing from the shelf, so please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. tootsie says:

    i need serious HELP!!!! ive tried every way that i can think of and i even tried using the hair that i burned witch turned to a clue and i also used the hint from the medicine pill botttle but i dont know the order to put the 6 character cards in the right order !!!!!

  81. travis says:

    what items do you put for an altar

  82. Kelly says:

    how do you fold the cube?
    and is the date for the code on the day that the bike got stolen? or just the first entry?

  83. not retarded says:


    to burn the hair- click on the hair item, and hit about item, highlight the lighter and click on the hair lots (meaning more than once) until it turns into a yellowish boxes with numbers on em, you will need this!

    Date for lock- ok, dont be stupid. the date one the lock is three days from today. today meaning the day you are playing the game. for me, today is june 3. june 3rd minus 3 days is june first…amazing right! well the combination is 4 digits…figure it out…from what ive read some people are retarded and cant. june 1 can also be expressed as 0601…HOLY SHIT. it really is quite simple hey…for example if today were september 16 you would put 0913…crazy right, i know..harder than calculus this shit is.

    chinese papers- 1) on red shelf under slippers 2) under both brown things in the corner 3)top shelf, to the right 4)looking at the other door without the doorknob, that leads to the crimson room, the very top of the screen is the light, click that light and you will now be looking at it, sitting on the light is the card,also you can see the 5th card from here too along the top border of the room 6) under the rotten meat in the fridge. tough shit hey. i leave it to you to figure out which order to put these papers on the green dice thing (hint: those chinese symbols can also be seen on the yellow box paper and they are in the same places as the

    lifting garbage can-click like fuck till it goes up

  84. not retarded says:

    edit….in order to lift the can u must inspect everything in your inventory…now!

  85. sierra says:

    how the crap dyu get the insence lit!? i keep tryin 2 light it w/ the lighter but it duznt work!

  86. sierra says:

    ohhh nvm i got it

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