Beer in my Gas Line blues.

Today I finally got motivated to clean another couple of kegs so I could get the IPA and Pilsner on tap. So I’m cleanin’ and washin’ and movin’ and such, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but beer in my gas line. What’s more, it’s in part of the gas line that isn’t connected to a keg, so I know that it has backed up through my manifold. And I have no idea how long ago this happened. Actually, I’m pretty sure it must’ve been pretty close to when my stout came online, since that’s the only time it would’ve been full enough to back up that way.


Now I’ve got to pull the whole thing apart (the manifold, and all of the lines attached thereunto) and clean and dry it thoroughly. This is not a good thing. And if I’m not thorough enough, then I get lovely mold growing in my lines and infecting everything. Which would also not be a good thing.

This all just means that my kegging day turned into a lot more of a hassle than it should have been. Bleh.

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