New beer toys.

I am now the proud owner of a kegerator, 7 pin-lock cornelious kegs, 4 taps, 2 CO2 tanks, a 4-way manifold, and a whole mess of beer line.

I’ll have homemade beer on tap in my basement. [sarcasm]My wife is overjoyed at the prospect[/sarcasm].

I’m excited about getting all this stuff, though. No more cleaning, sanitizing, and filling bottles every single batch. I’d imagine that I will still bottle some batches. Especially high-gravity ones like barleywines or imperial stouts. The ones that require lots of aging. However, the ease of kegging a batch and having on tap will help me to rely even less on commercial beers, since even less labor is required to make a homebrewed batch drinkable!

What fun.

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