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I’m an uncle again.

This morning my sister gave birth to her new daughter, Maya Jayne. Good job, sis! I think she’s adorable.  But I might be biased.

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Sounds of Summer

Every morning and evening these days is filled with the sounds of the cicadas’ chorus. At times it’s so loud and piercing that I can hear it indoors over music or other noises from electronic devices. I know some folks … Continue reading

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Damsels in distress.

I got to go see Inception last night.  I thought it was a fine movie, although I saw the primary plot twist coming from about 14 miles away.  Still, the cast did an excellent job, and the movie was a … Continue reading

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Might as well do something with this…

After a long hiatus, I went through this site and blew out some of the cobwebs. I’ve updated to the latest version of WordPress, and switched to a new theme, and generally sort of re-set things. For those of you … Continue reading

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