Monthly Archives: October 2003

She’s a keeper.

My lovely, darling wife bought me a very nice present. It’s something I’ve been wanting, and despite her aversion to this passtime she bought me one of its accoutrements, which I have been eyeing for a while. She bought me … Continue reading

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New Brew – New Brewing Room

I just transferred my latest brew to its secondary fermentor. This sweet “milk” stout should be ready for kegging after a week or two. The brew was uneventful, though its primary fermentation spewed foam all over the inside of my … Continue reading

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It’s that time.

It is now officially my birthday. Yay and stuff.

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New Graphics card on the way.

Well, I have a new video card on the way. It’s a present for my birthday, paid for by my lovely wife. It is an Inno3d Geforce4 Ti 4200 video card. It should give me a bit more oomph when … Continue reading

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