Monthly Archives: September 2003

Hurricane Isabel

The hurricane is coming! This thread will be used to log experiences with hurricane Isabel. Continue reading

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A new icon.

Ok, I know it’s cheesy, but hey, there’s not been much other news to report. Lafes.Net has acquired its very own favorites icon! It’s just a little 16×16 icon that sits in your address bar (or favorites menu) that I … Continue reading

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No words.

No words. The title is appropriate. There are no words on this website. Nor does it need any.

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That’s Mmm mm good.

Well, I have tapped my keg of IPA. It has been aging for several months, and is now very drinkable. I would assume that it’ll only get better with age (as it seems to do), but it is at the … Continue reading

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You obviously missed me.

Over the last week, I’ve been out of town. I spent a lot of time in the air and on the road, and saw a lot of family. It was good. I’m sure that all of my readers here (both … Continue reading

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