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Police chase in my neighborhood.

We had an exciting night last night. A big high-speed chase ended in our little cul-de-sac. Around 9:45pm or so, we heard sirens and screeching tires, and looked out our window, and so were able to see a little gray … Continue reading

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It’s moving.

Or is it? Don’t worry about the URL, it’s safe.

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I found this link on MeFi. It is a puzzle. Help the little guy save his home from certain destruction in a catastrophic collision. This is flash use at its best. Samorost

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Defend Your Castle

This flash game allows you to protect your castle from attack by little stick figures. Be careful: 1) There is a lot of advertising and spyware that attempts to install itself. If you’re running Internet Explorer on a Windows machine, … Continue reading

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IPA Kegged

In the interests of making at least ONE post before the end of July, I have now kegged my second IPA. It is beautifully bitter, with a very clean finish. It needs to age a bit more, and I’m looking … Continue reading

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Spam spam spammity spam.

After receiving far too many unsolicited commercial emails (spam!) at the addresses and, I have decided to redirect these addresses directly to This address is the official complaint mailbox for unsolicited commercial email. I am happy to … Continue reading

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