Monthly Archives: April 2003

Lafe switches to Linux

Mandrake Linux to be precise. There are a lot of reasons behind my decision to switch. You can click the Read More link if you’re interested in seeing any of them. If you’re not, suffice it to say that so … Continue reading

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ProtestWarrior – fighting the left, doing it right.

While browsing MeFi I ran across a link to ProtestWarrior. ProtestWarrior stands against the so-called “leftists” who protest any war, regardless of cost. Who always believe that whomever is more powerful or richer is evil, and whomever has less power … Continue reading

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Heap big calamari.

MSNBC has a story about a “Colossal squid” being captured in Antarctic waters. The squid weighs 330 lbs, and is 16 feet long. This is actually a fairly small specimen of the “Colossal squid”, which can reach (estimated) sizes of … Continue reading

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March Stats

I just thought I’d post some of the interesting usage stats from the last month, according to my Webalizer report. No good reason, except that I didn’t think of any April 1st jokes that I thought were worth pulling. To … Continue reading

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