Monthly Archives: March 2003

The Free Forum

I have created a new forum on the Lafes.Net Forums. This new forum is somewhat of an experiment. I’m interested to see if people will use the forums if there are no barriers to doing so. In the Free Forum, … Continue reading

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Email Notifications

I probably should’ve posted this before now, but I admit it, I’m lazy. I have added a new feature to this page. You’ll notice on the right a new little box that allows you to enter your email address. If … Continue reading

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War has begun.

It’s all over the news. I’m sure everyone has heard. The war with Iraq has begun. We’ve made some strikes against them, and they’ve retaliated with missiles. It’s only going to go downhill from here. The hope, with this war, … Continue reading

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BREAD – “In each other we trust.”

A group of merchants and residents in California’s Bay area have come together and created their own, new, local currency: BREAD Hours. From the website: Bay Area Regional Exchange and Development, or BREAD, is a community creating a positive alternative … Continue reading

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Brain Prosthesis

Some researchers in California are developing the world’s first brain prosthesis. That’s right, a prosthesis. They’re creating a chip that is capable of mimicking the function of the hippocampus. The hippocampus is instrumental in encoding our memories, learning, and emotion. … Continue reading

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New beer toys.

I am now the proud owner of a kegerator, 7 pin-lock cornelious kegs, 4 taps, 2 CO2 tanks, a 4-way manifold, and a whole mess of beer line. I’ll have homemade beer on tap in my basement. [sarcasm]My wife is … Continue reading

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