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The 2nd amendment. It’s for the individual after all.

I ran across an interesting essay written by Professor Eugene Volokh of the UCLA School of Law. The opening of his essay is humorous enough… Eight years ago, I got into an argument with a nonlawyer acquaintance about the Second … Continue reading

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The shadow is quicker than the eye.

While reading MeFi I ran across a link to a very convincing, and very cool, optical illusion. I just thought I’d share it with everyone. Here’s another page that has a lot of cool illusions done up all pretty in … Continue reading

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Beware the Hotel voyeur.

It seems that a fellow from Ohio was staying in a Mariott Hotel in Knoxville, and discovered a hidden camera in the bathroom. It was inside the light fixture, and wired to turn on when the light came on. It … Continue reading

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Give a dollar on Superman’s Birthday.

Well, something fairly extraordinary has happened. Today, September 25, is Christopher Reeve’s birthday. An anonymous donor has agreed to contribute $1 to the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation for every person that sends him a Free Birthday Card. While this bears … Continue reading

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Like a kid in a candy store.

Do you have a college education? Want one? How about from MIT? How about for free? Sure, you can’t get a degree this way, though I imagine you’d be able to CLEP out of a number of classes. But it’s … Continue reading

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The site should be back to normal.

It appears that our server made it through its upgrade without exploding. There were some touchy moments, trying to get everything back to normal, but I think I’ve mostly succeeded. If you have found any problems in the way that … Continue reading

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CERN researchers make lots of antimatter.

Some researchers from CERN’s ATHENA Project have figured out a way to make, capture, and study reasonably large amounts of antihydrogen. Antihydrogen atoms are supposed to be exactly like normal hydrogen atoms, except with an opposite charge. In a normal … Continue reading

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Bored with Regular News?

Check out this site, with supposedly true news stories. Absurdity is the key to the news you’ll find on this website. Happy Reading!

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Planned server outage.

My web host has notified me that the machine on which Lafes.Net resides will be going down for some hardware/software maintenance Saturday night (or Sunday morning, I guess) at midnight EST. The outage shouldn’t last that long, but they include … Continue reading

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The varied moons of Earth

It appears that the Earth may have a third “Moon“. “Third?” you say. And I say, “Yes, the third.” Even though Cruithne isn’t technically a moon. It is “merely” a near-Earth-asteroid that happens to share our orbit. Sort of. In … Continue reading

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Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on.

I’m trying to make this migration as seamless as possible. Really. Unfortunately, there’s an awful lot of stuff to cover, so you may run across some pages that I haven’t yet had time to address, or may have just plain … Continue reading

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A few major changes.

As you can no doubt see, the Lafes.Net homepage has undergone a few changes. At first, the differences may seem subtle, but their effect is anything but. You, my dear reader, now have the ability to comment directly upon any … Continue reading

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