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Resurrection MarkII – The bloggining.

Lafes.Net experienced some very unfortunate down-time.  My web-host’s server died a pretty horrific death, and for some unknown reason, my pleas for support went unheeded.  Since then, I started Lafes.Net over elsewhere, but was without any backups but some very … Continue reading

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I’m an uncle again.

This morning my sister gave birth to her new daughter, Maya Jayne. Good job, sis! I think she’s adorable.  But I might be biased.

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Sounds of Summer

Every morning and evening these days is filled with the sounds of the cicadas’ chorus. At times it’s so loud and piercing that I can hear it indoors over music or other noises from electronic devices. I know some folks … Continue reading

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Might as well do something with this…

After a long hiatus, I went through this site and blew out some of the cobwebs. I’ve updated to the latest version of WordPress, and switched to a new theme, and generally sort of re-set things. For those of you … Continue reading

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Two years?

Two years is really too long to go without any sort of update. Not that this constitutes any actual update, but at least you can know I’m not dead.

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A dash of color.

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After a While (aka Comes the Dawn)

I ran across this poem while perusing a local RSS feed, and I wanted to save it. The post where I found it was written by Pomoyemu, and the poem itself was written by Veronica Shoffstall. Look inside (or follow … Continue reading

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I hear the beer is good there…

Michael Jackson has passed away. He undoubtedly had one of the best jobs in the world. His passing is a loss indeed to the community of those who enjoy fine beer and whiskey, as well as to all who knew … Continue reading

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Baby Cat.

“We have this kitten…” I knew from how it started that this was going to be bad. “The mail man found it, and told us to take a look at it to see if it was all right.” As the … Continue reading

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Current thoughts.

Pretend like I wasted a whole paragraph saying what a sucky blogger I am and complaining about it. Now that that is out of the way… I’ve been thinking lately about little epiphanies.  Specifically, those little epiphanies where you suddenly … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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Every so often, you need a chance to decompress. Between stress in the workplace, and stress at home, it often seems like there’s just no escape. So, now I’m playing hookey. I lined things up at work so that I … Continue reading

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Round numbers.

Happy birthday to me! Another decade rounded off and put away. I do not feel significantly older. I have not gained any incredible new insight or wisdom. I have not, really, significantly changed from who I was a day ago. … Continue reading

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El Paso Flooding Aftermath.

Sand_Devil sent me some more photographs of some of the after-math of El Paso’s recent flooding event. Enjoy the pics!

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Sand_Devil is all wet.

My most recent blog contributor, Sand_Devil, in addition to not posting any more, is also located in the recently flooded city of El Paso, TX. He was very nice, and sent us pictures! Here they are:

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