Still going.

Ok, so I missed a bit of time since the last time I trained, but it really wasn’t any sort of falling off the wagon again. Truly! I had yet another bout with some sort of sickness, and I spent a long weekend at a hotel with my lovely wife to celebrate (slightly early) our wedding anniversary. They did have an exercise room in the hotel… but it only had one treadmill

Last night I hit the treadmill again for an hour, tucking away 3.2 miles. Some of that was actual jogging, but that was a fairly small portion. Still, I pushed hard and feel like I’m getting somewhere rather faster than the first time I started training. This gives me hope that the lost fitness will return faster than I feared.

The high point of last night’s training was that my boys joined me for the workout. We also have a stationary bike and an elliptical trainer. They switched off on those, and stuck with me for the whole hour. It was great.

Unfortunately, I did not experience any sort of “runner’s high” this time around. But I’m hoping to find it again!

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2 Responses to Still going.

  1. jank says:

    Rock on. Progress is progress.

  2. aprilanne says:

    I’m glad your are back at it again! Good luck and keep us posted with your progress!

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