Some actual exercise.

I actually got off my duff and hit the treadmill last night. I did 2.2 miles in (roughly) 45 minutes (showing that I wasn’t going all that fast). It’s depressing to see just how much fitness I’ve lost after going back to my sedentary ways. I’m essentially starting all over again.

I would say that this start isn’t as bad as my first start at training up to running, but I don’t know if that’s because there was still some vestige of fitness lurking in my body, or if I just knew better what to expect. In either case, my legs got all tired out, and I can see it’s gonna be work getting back up to speed.

On the bright side, my XM MyFi provided some nice music to sweat to. I think I’ll keep using that while I’m indoors…

Next workout is tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Some actual exercise.

  1. jank says:

    Go Lafe! I’ve been wondering about you lately, and hoping that spring’d get you back on your feet.

    And all over is a great place to start – thousand miles and all that stuff; We’re all rooting for you

  2. Lafe says:

    Hey, thanks Jank. I appreciate the rootin’ more than you know! Hope that ankle gets feelin’ better for you.

  3. aprilanne says:

    Good For You!!

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