Happy Thanksgiving! (And a status report)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’m still not doing much on the running front, but I’m also still not giving up on it. My lovely wife bought me a Garmin Forerunner 201, and it’d be a terrible shame not to put it to use. It’s a really neat gadget.

I want to say that I’ll get out there and run again once I’m not under as much stress (silly reason… running helps stress!), or when I’m not sick all the time (which at the moment, I’m not). Truly, it’s just when I get my butt in gear again. That won’t be terribly far in the future, so don’t give up on me. I’m still reading the RBF blogs, and drawing inspiration (and chuckles, and commiseration, and sympathy, and empathy, and strength) where I can.

All of you, as always, rock.

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5 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving! (And a status report)

  1. Lara says:

    Yes, you have to get out there and check out the Forerunner, it’s kinda fun! C’mon now, we’re holding a place in line for you :) You’ll be so happy when you take that first step back!!

  2. Lafe says:

    Thank you Lara. :)

    The Garmin is a neat toy. It’s just beggin’ to be put to good use.

  3. susan says:

    I love my Forerunner…try the virtual partner for annoying company! It will keep you motivated.

  4. YAY for new toys!
    YAY For new motivation.
    You can’t let that go to waste!

  5. jank says:

    Lafe –

    Forerunner rocks. As I’ve gone on at lenght.

    And if you need help staying on the wagon, drop me a line. I’ve been going through a similarly rough spot (thankfully not due to illness), and am glad to hear you haven’t given up.


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