Returning to health?

The last few days have been unpleasant. Not sure just what it was that I caught, but it wasn’t any fun at all. My wife, at one point, was convinced I had pneumonia. The last two days (Sunday and Monday) were the worst. I actually ended up staying home from work on Monday, which is unusual for me. Needless to say, I didn’t exercise at all.

This morning I felt a little better. I don’t know that I’ll be up to even walking today… but hopefully soon.

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7 Responses to Returning to health?

  1. Your Sister says:

    I don’t feel like running, and I’m not sick. I’ve been drinking mucho cokes lately and getting fat. I need to start watching my diet again, and then I think running will not seem like such a daunting task.

  2. Lara says:

    Lafe, I was happy to see your blog as I am a relative beginner myself – then got injured – and am now an absolute beginner. Forgive yourself for taking some time off until you feel better, you won’t lose alot progress-wise and your run won’t be a miserable struggle if you’re feeling up to par. Hope you’re well soon!

  3. Lafe says:

    Thank you for your encouragement, Lara. I appreciate it.

    I’m on the mend, and will get back to running as soon as I’m able. I keep telling myself I don’t have to be in a hurry, and I don’t. I am just looking forward to achieving my goals. :)

    And thanks for the link to your blog! I’m puttin’ you on my daily reading list! :)

  4. Your Sister says:

    Ew, ew, ew!!!! I have a new layer added onto my body. I have not run in a week, and with water retention, and overeating, well, yuck. I’m going to exercise tonight. I need to run long and hard (like till I throw up), but my very special friend will be in town tonight, and though he said he would run with me, I cannot imagine how that will work because his legs are 10 ft longer than mine, so we’ll at least go walking. Man, I need help! I’ve got to get this layer off. Nothing fits. And I’ve got the dreaded “Dunlap” disease. YICK! Ok…I’ll try to stop compliaing now.

  5. Lafe says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re uncomfortable. I know all about extra “layers”, but I somehow think yours is more transient than mine. ;) That being said, I doubt running “till you throw up” is going to do much good. Exercise hard, but not that hard.

    On my end, I’m down to only coughing up two lungs a day, instead of four. You’d think I’d run out of ’em after a while, but they just keep coming up!

  6. Lara says:

    This illness is really hanging on! Hope you are well recovered soon!!

  7. Lafe says:

    Thanks Lara! It has been hanging on. I’m on Robitussin DM, which slows down the coughing a bit, but can’t seem to clear it up.

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