It still hurts.

I ran this evening, and started off pretty well. I held back the running pace a bit, and kept it up for a bit longer.

Unfortunately, after about 14 minutes into the nights run, my left leg started hurting pretty emphatically. It felt like a not-quite cramp on top of a nice solid burn from (no doubt) lactic buildup. Bah. I ended up walking more than I wanted to, and didn’t have much fun. But I did a mile and a half, albeit slower than I wanted.

I’m considering going to daily workouts for a bit, to see what happens.

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2 Responses to It still hurts.

  1. Jank says:

    As this is my second or third go-round with falling out of shape and struggling back, I’d say to try for the daily workouts. Once you’re in shape, yeah, there are gains to be had by taking rest days. But while you’re fighting, keeping up momentum is, IMO, more important than rest.

    Try the idea of “active recovery.” If you hit it really hard one day, take an easy run/walk the next day, or throw the kids on the back of the bike (if you have them) and go for a stroll around the neighborhood.

    Again, take my advice with a grain of salt – but know there are others out there.

  2. Lafe says:

    Thanks Jank. Your experience is helpful, since I don’t have a lot of my own to draw on yet. I’ve been toying with doing a walk between runnin’ days, and I think I’ll go ahead and start doing that now. Hopefully this’ll help get me past the “hump” I’ve been feeling lately.

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