Oops, I did it again.

Well, not “oops” exactly.

I ran tonight, and it went all right. My wind is already starting to come back, though it’s not quite back to its pre-sickness level. I did a bit over a mile and a half in thirty minutes (don’t laugh, I’m still a newbie), and that’s counting the 5 minute warmup.

I experimented a bit with trying to see if I could run longer at a slower pace. When I’m doing the running portion of my walk/run tradeoff, I usually set the treadmill around 5 mph. Slowing it down, I was able to “run” for longer, but I felt all cramped in stride, like I wanted to go faster and was having to run funny to keep it slow enough. I dunno.

Perhaps I should just continue with the pace I’ve set so far. I just get discouraged when I can’t go very long without having to walk.

It’ll get easier. Right?

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