New shoes and runnin’.

I picked up some new running shoes this last weekend. The fellow at the running-shoe shop was very helpful. He did a “gait analysis” on me, which consisted of me walking and running, shod and unshod, up and down a hallway while he watched. He determined that I was a very slight pronator and needed a Cushioned shoe (as opposed to motion-control or suchlike). He then trotted out several brands of shoes in various sizes, checked the fit of each one on my foot personally, had me trot around in the ones that fit well, and I picked the set I liked. This set me back around $80. I also grabbed a new pair of socks with all kinds of wicking technology and such, which set me back about $8.

Then today my lovely wife bugged me into doing my walking/running outside with her and a friend of hers who were walking. They just do a circle around our block (repeatedly), and I decided to join ’em. And I also discovered that our block has more than its share of hills. Nice, long, steep hills. Going down isn’t so bad. Going up is. I think I’ll stick to the treadmill until I’m just a leetle bit more fit. My eventual, planned route will take me down a much flatter street, but I suppose it’s good that I have all these hills handy. When I’m ready to start pushing a bit harder, they’ll be there for me.

My wife has asked me if I’ll start joining her more often. I think I’ll start doing a walk with her between running days.

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