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Yup, it’s true.

I haven’t been training over the last week. I can only plead lack of time and energy. I’ve been busy finishing off a major project at work during my final two-week period there, and just haven’t really had much energy … Continue reading

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It’s always something.

I didn’t run last night. Came down with some sort chest cold. This makes it hard to breathe when I’m sittin’ still. Nevertheless, I’m really bummed about missing last night, especially since I’ve been seeing real progress. I’m going to … Continue reading

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Well, so much for “every day.”

Didn’t run last night. I meant to, I really did. I had it all planned out. But, somehow, it didn’t happen. I had finished eating by 7, and was planning to run at 10. 10 rolled around, and I ended … Continue reading

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Catching up.

It’s hard to sit here and write about the last two weeks. From this you can infer that I haven’t been doing as I should. Since it’s difficult to write about, knowing that there are no really good reasons for … Continue reading

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Running night.

It’s running night, and I didn’t run. Again. This is becoming a problem. Once again the primary reason that I’m not running is because of dinner. Too much of it, and too late, and I can’t run without making myself … Continue reading

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