Might as well do something with this…

After a long hiatus, I went through this site and blew out some of the cobwebs. I’ve updated to the latest version of WordPress, and switched to a new theme, and generally sort of re-set things.

For those of you who use webmail here, you should find the link to the right, at the top of the list.

Perhaps I can get back to writing things here.

About Lafe

Lafe is a beer and computer geek who occasionally writes his thoughts for the world to see.
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2 Responses to Might as well do something with this…

  1. Armando Sandoval says:

    I look forward to your writing. I trust things will get easier after you start again. Maybe I should do what I promised years ago and actually write too?

  2. Lafe says:

    You are welcome to write here too! Your account is still there. Languishing. Like mine…

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