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Pretend like I wasted a whole paragraph saying what a sucky blogger I am and complaining about it.

Now that that is out of the way… I’ve been thinking lately about little epiphanies.  Specifically, those little epiphanies where you suddenly realize that other people really don’t have all the answers, that they’re just human too, and that they’re making stuff up as they go along just like I am.

The first time that happened, it was actually a pretty big epiphany.  I was young, possibly pre-teen, or newly teenaged, when I suddenly realized that my parents didn’t have all the answers, didn’t know everything, and didn’t always know what to do for any given situation.  This immediately made sense for me, and applied across a lot of other groups I’d previously held in fairly high esteem in those regards (teachers, authority figures of various sorts).

Since then it’s been other, smaller epiphanies.  Realizing that celebrities are just people who are thrust into (or have foolishly chosen) the spotlight, losing what little privacy is left to most of us.  Realizing that cops are just as imperfect as everyone else, but are also encouraged to carry high-powered firearms.  Realizing that sometimes the only difference between someone who is “great” and someone who is “normal” is having the guts to speak up.  Ultimately, realizing that I’m never going to reach some plateau where I’ve “made it” in life, and that the struggle will continue one way or another, and that the only person I have to blame for my tribulations is myself.

And sometimes wondering if I have the guts to take the simple steps that change things.

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