Every so often, you need a chance to decompress. Between stress in the workplace, and stress at home, it often seems like there’s just no escape.

So, now I’m playing hookey. I lined things up at work so that I could get out, and out I am. I’m sitting on our downtown mall, under a tree that’s raining red and yellow leaves, drinking a nice Dogfish Head Raison D’Etre. It’s about 74F out here right now, with an occasional light breeze that swirls the leaves around over the brickwork street. There’s wireless internet access. I think I could decompress here.

There’s still no escape, really. All the same issues are there after I’m done here as there were before I came. But maybe I’ll be in a better place to meet ’em.

It’s worth a shot.

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8 Responses to Decompress.

  1. freemymind says:

    sounds like fun! ….school suxs….I can not wait to get it over, child support payments suck even more…. I love my kids but DAMMM anyway talk to ya soon I hope.

  2. Angel says:

    I think I might have turned green with jealousy. sigh… Must be nice. I could really use some decompressing time myself.

  3. freemymind says:

    Have you tried out NWN2 yet? debating on getting it worried it will spoil my school work motivation. But that looks to be like one sweet unwinder by the trailer.

  4. Lafe says:

    I haven’t tried out NWN2. I don’t think I shall unless they release a Linux client.

  5. freemymind says:

    ah yes I forgot you are Linux gun-ho I just picked it up but it is not running so great on my out of date box…. ATI-9800 is my major bottle neck I think. anyway hope to talk to ya more later.

  6. Lafe says:

    I keep Windows around, but only for very limited uses. Ironically, it’s Microsoft Flight Simulator that will get me to boot into Windows these days. But right now that’s *all* I do in Windows (at home)… and I don’t really miss much else. Still have to work in XP at work, of course. Though they’d probably let me switch if I really wanted to…

  7. Angel says:

    How did decompressing turn into a Linux verses Windows discussion? Shouldn’t it be more like a beach verses mountians or cruise verses road trip?

    Sheesh geeks!!

  8. freemymind says:

    Good point!

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