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Ok, so I came in and bugged Lafe about when he would update his blog since it gets so little activity. Next thing I know, I’ve got admin privilidges.

Me and Lafe share some hobbies: beer, humor, games, geek stuff, programming, Neverwinter nights, but I don’t go for that running stuff. Exercise is too much work. I do like baseball, but I didn’t always. My interest is specifically around a non-competitive little league for children that are special, Miracle League of El Paso. It shouldn’t take too much imagination to figure out why.

So, sex, politics, religion, which topic should we bring up to get Lafe’s e-mail box full of complaints? Anyone notice that the Superbowl car commercials all contained SUV’s? I guess they didn’t hear W’s state of the union speech where he suggested that we need to break our addiction to oil. Seems to me we need better incentives.

Well, I should save some for the next blog.


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2 Responses to Guest Blogger

  1. Lafe says:

    Hah! Glad to see you took full advantage of the posting rights. Good introduction.

    As for sex, politics, and religion, why not all three? Bring it.

    And yes, I did notice that about the SUVs, but I at least Ford was touting a hybrid SUV… And for anyone who hasn’t seen ’em yet, you can see the SuperBowl commercials here.

  2. Lafe says:

    Oh, and my favorite commercial was Clydesdale American dream for Budweiser. Not a huge fan of the beer, and it wasn’t a funny one… but I guess I’m a sucker for emotionally manipulative commercials.

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