Super Glue and its cousins.

It has been long since I have written to you, gentle reader. For this I apologize.

That said, super glue is pretty cool.

This may seem like an odd statement to you, but I have recently been through an experience that fully backs up that claim in my mind. It turns out that one of our cabinets in our kitchen is held together by those thin little nails that are razor-sharp on one end. I discovered this because, naturally, I was reaching into a NORMAL EVERY-DAY SORT OF PLACE in the cabinet to retrieve a pan, and withdrew my hand to a lovely ripping sound.

The ripping sound was caused, naturally, by my flesh being parted by one of those little nails. The sharp end. Ouch.

A little bit of Hydrogen Peroxide cleaned it right up (sting). Then squeeze the cut closed and super-glue (it’s some sort of super glue that has anti-bacterial stuff in it, just for cuts, like liquid BandAid, but not) it together (STING STING OUCH STING BURN STING OUCH), and voila! All fixed.

That’s when I got the hammer out and banged that silly little nail into the wood in such a way that it will NEVER part my flesh again.


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  1. Your Sister says:

    OUCH! I have this “New Skin” stuff that’s the same thing, and dude, we’re talking STING! But once it’s done stinding the everliving fire out of ya, you’re right, good as new! Love you!

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