Mmmm. Bagels.

My wife loves me.

This morning, as I’m heading out the door to work, she hands me two plain bagels and a tub of olive cream cheese. These yummy morsels come from a local bagel place that really knows what they’re doing. Olive cream cheese may sound gross to some of you, but I have to encourage you to give it a chance. It’s very nearly ambrosia when spread on a nice bagel. Mmmm.

I remarked on having a whole tub of cream cheese and only two bagels. My wife then informed me that the tub had been in the fridge for a while, and if it wasn’t bad yet, I’d better eat it fast.


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  1. Your Sister says:

    It’s me. I’ve been eating and eating and eating. It’s time to stop. Food has been tasting way too good, and going down way to fast and easy. Sometimes I completely understand my eating patterns, and sometimes they escape me completely. What I’m going through now maybe be drug induced. (Sigh.) I need an ENORMOUS amount of will power to stop eating the way I’ve been eating, ’cause all I want to do is eat.

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