Thank God it’s Friday. This week has dragged on, and on, and on, providing roughly twice the apparent duration for the (supposedly) regular chronological procession for the week. It’s been a looong one.

This last week has seen one of my dogs (and I use the term loosely, poor li’l poodle) in and out of the vet roughly three times. This has left us in debt (the real, financial kind) to said vet. Fortunately, she’s now well on the way to being mended in body as well as spirit, and should pull through just fine. I hope the same can be said for our collective pocketbook. The problem with her appears to have been some sort of major allergic reaction, and then just complications of same.

Also this week we hit the last day of school for the summer, for all three of our kids. This is a high point for them, and I’m happy for ’em. Too bad I don’t get a summer break any more. You never really appreciate what you have ’till it’s gone.

I’m hoping to use this coming weekend for some relaxation, some family time, and some kegging/equipment maintenance time. We shall see.

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