CO2 acquired, now for the work.

Well, this last week I finally managed to get my tanks down to the local gas place to pick up some CO2. Turns out it’s about $18 to swap a 20 lb. tank, which is fine for a tank that lasts several years before having to be refilled.

I also had this old 10 or 15 lb. tank that was in sorry shape. It was steel, heavy, a little rusty on the outside, and hadn’t been hydro-tested since 1990. This tank was meant to be the “portable” tank in case I wanted to haul some kegs to a party or something. The fellow in the gas place looked at it doubtfully, and informed me that he didn’t have any tanks in that size. I asked him if he’d be willing to swap it for a 5 lb. tank, and he was. So now I have a nice, actually-portable, aluminum, full 5 lb. tank of CO2 in addition to my big 20 lb. tank. Cool.

Now all I have to do is clean the two empty kegs, re-run my CO2 lines, clean out the manifold mo’ better, and keg the IPA and Doppelbock that have been patiently waiting in secondary.

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