PETA – Crazy or Stupid?

Have you ever wondered if the people at PETA were crazy? Well, wonder no more!

At an upcoming performance of the Nutcracker, PETA is planning on handing out flyers to the children of parents who are wearing fur. The flyer depicts a full-color picture of a woman stabbing a rabbit in the belly, and tells the kids that their mommy kills animals. It tells them to ask their parents how many animals they killed to make their fur clothing. It also tells them to keep their pets away from their parents, because their parents are “animal killers.”

I’d say they’re balancing precariously on the line of crazy/stupid. I wonder how many “protesters” will have their clocks cleaned by angry parents. Should be funny.

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16 Responses to PETA – Crazy or Stupid?

  1. PETA hater says:

    Members of PETA are a bunch of crazy twats. I hate them. If animals can eat animals, why can’t I eat animals? They’re talking about ‘animal liberation’. That means they have to destroy the animal’s hierarchy. Force lions to stop having 20 lioness as their sex partner. Force hyenas from killing or should I say slaughter innocent zebras and eat them after that. I ate a chicken in front of PETA member once and she screamed as if I killed her mother. It’s just CHICKEN!!! Urgh… I hate PETA. PETA members… open your eyes. Animals are divided into three categories. Herbivore, Omnivore and Carnivore. Herbivore eats plants. Carnivore eats other animals. Omnivore eats both; plants and animals. If you guys are really serious about ur animal liberation crap, i guess u PETA members have to eliminate both; Omnivores and Carnivores…

    p/s: I’m 17 and I hate PETA =P

  2. John Doe says:

    What many PETA members fail to realize is that being a vegitarian/vegan is a privalige thatis
    not available to most. Most people of the world rely on the meat an fur of animals for their
    livlihood. Domestication of livestock is infact one of the advances that lead man to the
    modern era. Although PETA members claim to have a high opinion of the worlds fauna, their
    logic does not seem to meld with their actions, on the contary PETA members feel Human
    beings are above all other life forms. I believe that human beings are essentially
    like other creatures that inhabit the earth. We prey on smaller and weaker animals to
    maintain Health and dominance. Not eating flesh for reasons other than health or religion, is
    another way to to say human beings are far too superior to participate in Natures food chain.

  3. PETA makes no sense says:

    What PETA fails to realize is the natural selection that the world goes through. Human kills animal, animal kills smaller
    animal or kills plants…but from what I understand PETA doesnt count plants as living things. good luck on a lost cause PETA
    …you make as much sense as a blind racecar driver.

  4. Wait a minute says:

    Indeed the “food chain” has worked for billions of years, but humans change the rules of the game. We are capable of empathy, reason, and ethical discussion. To think in pure ‘survival of the fittest’ terms is to deny our humanity. Simply we have more responsibility than the other animals do. Though a lion must either kill or starve, humans have been given the free will to choose, both physically and mentally, so we should choose carefully

    …..Domestication of livestock is infact one of the advances that lead man to the
    …..modern era
    Arguably, so is slavery, but does that make it moral or ethical? The ends don’t justify the means.

    As for the protesters, instead of calling them crazy try to see that they are just reacting to something they perceive as great injustice. Read: REACTING. They are using shock-value negative campaigning because … well … it works and they unfortunately don’t know any better.

  5. If PETA members wish it, they will end up fighting for cockroaches and flies’ “rights” by advocating the banning of pesticides. HA! I bet their homes are full of mices, rats, cockroaches and flies. To hell with them.

  6. RecentCoin says:

    The last time I confronted a bunch of PETA freaks, they were hassling some elderly ladies coming out of the Catholic church. There were 3 old ladies, the youngest of which was 75 if she was day, the heaviest of which weighed in at maybe 100 lbs, and the tallest of which was about 5’4″ in her heels. Yet there are a good half dozen of fair sized 20-30 somethings shoving them and screaming at them for wearing their 50 year old fur coats. Well, I’m about 5’9″, work out and not afraid of much that goes on two feet, so I wade in. I usually carry a backpack with all my work stuff in it and that weighs about 25-35 lbs depending on what I’m carrying that day. I’m swinging my backpack until I get some space between these nitwits and the old ladies. I rather un-politely suggesting that they learn the treat humans with respect. They could have easily made any of those ladies fall and break a hip. Then I tell them that if they want to go hassle some people there’s a biker bar up the road. I’m sure that those boys would *love* to hear what they have to say about not wearing leather. I assure them that if they’d like to get physical over what they think, that’s probably the best place. I also suggested that they strip in the biker bar in protest of all the leather instead of hassling defenseless old women coming from Mass. One of them happens to see my NRA sticker on my backpack. “OOO, I bet you hunt,” she sneers, “you hunters should just hunt each other.” Now, I can’t resist having a little fun with the mo-rons. “How about this? Since there’s not another hunter here, I’ll give you a 300 yard head start.” Boy did that send them packing.

  7. kendall says:

    Peta is definitely crazy. Did u hear about the horse race. They are now trying to ban horse racing. Animal sports are not the problem… Peta kills 90% of its animals each year.

  8. Pat Buck says:

    PETA-philes are in the same chategory as drunks and religious fanatics: best avoided and impossible to reason with.

  9. Rat lover says:

    Though Peta has some evident flaws it’s not all bad.
    Like most, if not all orginizations, Peta has some good qualities.
    Of course it has flaws but I dare you to name one orginization that doesn’t.
    What Peta currently needs is a cleaning out, a change of office.
    I personally am a vegan and I don’t aprove of animal abuse.
    If someone has an animal farm were the animals are taken care of I fully support that.
    The bulk of the animal trade however, is despicable.
    I am a tentative listener to all sides.
    I would say that many antipeta people are simply denying their conscience so they can be the lazy people it’s so easy to be.

    another perspective.

  10. ShadoWolf800 says:

    I joined PETA and quit the day after. They are rude, hypocritical, and plain unrealistic. If they do get “animal liberation” then what’s going to happen to all of the pets? Say I have a pet and join PETA to stay and I get rid of my pet (Either releasing it or taking it to the pound) then what happens? If everyone releases their pets, there would be WAY TOO MANY strays, which would be hurt by pranksters, hit by cars, used for animal testing and put into pounds. And once the pounds are filled, they would have to kill ALL of the animals because nobody would adopt them why…? CUZ THEIR ALL WITH PETA!!! And the animals would reproduce rapidly, causing health conserns as well as sanitation issue. So that would be unrealistic.

  11. michelle says:

    Hey, i am the first to say that i love animals….Our digs are a part of our famliy and treat them as good as we treat our kids. We feed our dogs a raw meat diet. We try to feed them the foods that they would find in the wild. They are in great shape because we feed them a 100% meat diet and no carbs. Carbs are consumed too much in this country and that is why many people are over weight and get heart attacks. I tink peta helps a lot of truly abused animals but they do go overboard. Jesus ate chicken, lamb, and fish back in the time. I am pretty sure if he ate it then it is not inhumane. Animals are raised so we can eat their meat. Dog and cats are animals we keep as pets and treat as a part of our family. Peta needs to worry about other things which are a lot bigger then someone eating meat.” oh and how about those chicks in the yellow bating suits outside of kentucky fried chicken” I don’t think they were a part of peta. i never saw anyone that was even somewhat attractive that belonged to peta…LOL

  12. Staravia says:

    If you want to protect your animals and your kids keep both of them away from PETA and its band of nuts

  13. Mcwaniformcwzanzy says:

    PETA is crazy! They have no sense of proportion.

    If I may quote:

    “I don’t use the word “pet.” I think it’s speciesist language. I prefer “companion animal.” -Ingrid Newkirk, PETA vice-president, quoted in The Harper’s Forum Book, Jack Hitt, ed., 1989

    “Arson, property destruction, burglary and theft are ‘acceptable crimes’ when used for the animal cause.”

    -Alex Pacheco, Director, PETA

    “We feel that animals have the same rights as retarded children.”

    -Alex Pacheco, Director, PETA, New York Times, January 14, 1989
    Six million Jews died in concentration camps, but six billion broiler
    chickens will die this year in slaughter houses.
    -Ingrid Newkirk (PETA)
    (_Washington_Post_, Nov 13, 1983)

    “Pet ownership is an abysmal situation brought about by human manipulation.”

    -Ingrid Newkirk, President, PETA, Washingtonian, August 1986

    These guys are wackos.

    As for Ratty, “many antipeta people are simply denying their conscience so they can be the lazy people it’s so easy to be”. Or maybe we don’t think eating meat, farming animals, having pets, and wearing fur coats are such evil, god-awful things.

    That is all.

  14. izzy says:

    Peta has no idea what they are talking about.
    early civilizations wore fur to keep warm in the winter, if we find a way to go back in time are they going to harass them?
    I love animals and I cringe whenever I see one get hurt, but peta has been doing more harm than help to animals lately.
    If they want to get their point across, maybe they should try to save a lot of animals without killing 97% of them?

  15. Birdzilla says:

    PETA are a bunch of stupid annoying hippy freaks any animal if it ever sees peta comming that animal had better hide

  16. Chance says:

    They are just plain stupid. Do they even have common sense? No, they’re extremists. One of their goals is to end all dairy and meat consumption. I’d like to see them try. Only meat and dairy supply vitamin B12, an essential nutrient, to the body. So what happens if the supplement pills run out? They’re in trouble.

    They are strongly against hunting. I hunt, so I’ve seen first hand why hunting is necessary for the environment. Animals like deer, mice and rabbits will get into farmers’ fields and eat the crops that the vegans rely on. So, even PETA members owe hunters. If there are no hunters to keep animal numbers down, the animals will overpopulate, starve, and suffer during the harsh winter months. I thought they wanted to end animal suffering. Birds are problematic at airports. It takes only a few geese to bring down a jet and kill everyone on board. This would occur more often with no more hunters. Predators are dangerous. What if one was attacking someone you know, like a friend or your child? You couldn’t do anything. Attacks like this would occur more often as overpopulated predators would compete for food and slowly move into suburban areas. Just wait till the PETA members are being attacked by bears and mountain lions.

    Thank you, Izzy. You are right. Our ancestors wore animal skins to keep warm. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t be here. They would have died during the winter. Oh, sure, we may now have alternatives like cotton, but if we all had to wear cotton clothes, more fields that could be used for growing food would have to be set aside for growing cotton. I’ve seen that picture and I think those PETA members should have been arrested for giving the flyers to the kids.

    It is hard to see PETA ever being successful at any of their protests. But we still need to stop them from ultimately killing all the animals they think they are trying to protect.