New Brew – New Brewing Room

I just transferred my latest brew to its secondary fermentor. This sweet “milk” stout should be ready for kegging after a week or two. The brew was uneventful, though its primary fermentation spewed foam all over the inside of my fermentation fridge.

In related brewing news, one of the gifts I received for my birthday was help and furniture from my loving wife to rennovate the brewing room. I don’t perform the actual brewing itself in there (it used to be a storage room in the basement), but I keep all my equipment in there when it’s not in use, and I ferment in there. It is also the location of the serving fridge that has the taps installed in the door.

Next up, possibly this weekend, is my first attempt at a lager. I will be brewing a pilsner and fermenting it somewhere between 45F and 50F degrees. My eventual goal is to have four beers on tap at the same time. I believe that I am only two batches away from reaching it!

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