Hurricane Isabel

Hurricane Isabel has my town squarely within its sights. It appears at this point that the eye of the hurricane will actually travel right over my house, probably in the wee hours of the morning on Friday morning.

By following the charts at the National Hurricane Center on this page (specifically this one and this one) it appears that we’ll be getting hit with 60 – 70 mph sustained winds. Now, this area has been absolutely soaked with rain all year, and our ground is completely saturated. On top of the wind, we’re supposed to get 6 – 10 inches of rain over the next 24 hours. This is setting the stage for a whole lotta trees to topple over, most likely taking power and phone lines with it.

Exciting huh?

Fortunately, I grew concerned about this storm early enough, and asked my wife on Monday to stock up on batteries for our lights, ice for our fridge, and food that you can eat without cooking (we have an electric stove and oven). Between the two of us, we got situated early enough that we completely missed the run on all those items at the store. Thank goodness… since everything was sold out by Tuesday night. We also have the means to cook with propane (though not on a grill), so soups and the like will be entirely possible as well. And I’ve got plenty of beer!

Up until today, most everyone I’ve talked to (and warned) about the hurricane in this area has pooh-poohed it. There was a prevailing attitude that nothing serious would happen here, since we’re so far inland. The closer that the hurricane has gotten, and the more dire the forecasts, the more attitudes have changed. Only now a lot of them have been pre-empted in their preparations by the stores being out of all the things one would normally stock up on.

We’re set for up to three or four days without electricity, and I’m hoping that we won’t need it. But, as they say, if you prepare for the worst all your surprises will be nice ones.

For as long as I keep internet access, I’ll use this entry to log my experiences (and that of my family) with the hurricane. It should be fun.

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