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Comments and registration.

Well, I have now learned how to restrict comments to registered users. But I’ve also now decided to hold off on making registration mandatory to comment. The primary reason I wished to do this was a major problem with comment … Continue reading

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CO2 acquired, now for the work.

Well, this last week I finally managed to get my tanks down to the local gas place to pick up some CO2. Turns out it’s about $18 to swap a 20 lb. tank, which is fine for a tank that … Continue reading

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WordPress Upgrade

WordPress finally came out with a stable version of 1.2. Most of the upgrade is invisible to you, my dear reader, but fixes various bugs and the like in the background. It also opens up some neat functionality for plugin … Continue reading

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The state of the human race.

The state of the human race is declining. While browsing MeFi I ran across a thread discussing an interesting blog post about a blooper on the Maury Povich show. The fellow that posted the blog entry had gone to watch … Continue reading

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Hardware death and downtime.

Hello gentle readers, and welcome back to Those of you who check the site at least once every other day will have noticed that we experienced a pretty major downtime. It seems that the server on which resides … Continue reading

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Critique my design.

The look that’s currently on the front page is growing on me. I think I may just carry this layout out to the rest of the site. But what do you think? What would you change? Why? All constructive criticism … Continue reading

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Big Changes.

If you’re a regular reader (all both of you!), you will no doubt notice that Lafes.Net has undergone a fairly radical change. Today I discovered that MovableType 3.0 was released. I’d been waiting for this version for some time, as … Continue reading

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Lafe Runs

I’ve made a life change and a site change, and they can both be followed by checking out my brand-spankin’ new running blog. That’s right, I took up running. Or rather, I am taking up running. I’ve only just started, … Continue reading

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