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Saturday Morning Science on the ISS.

I found a link to Saturday Morning Science on Slashdot. In this edition the International Space Station science officer, Don Pettit, is showing off some really weird (to us gravity-bound folks) properties of water in microgravity. He’s even able to … Continue reading

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Heap big snow.

Here in the mid-atlantic, we’ve gotten a heap big snow. In my particular case, this means about 16 inches of the (not so) fluffy white stuff. It’s been heartily mixed with sleet, but that only seems to add complexity to … Continue reading

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Flash Mind Reader

I saw this link on MeFi, and thought it was too good to pass up. You get bonus points for figuring out how this works without “cheating.” Now visit The Flash Mind Reader.

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Troops mobilizing.

There’s been an awful lot of activity around the possible war with Iraq, lately. Overall, I’ve been supportive of our government’s position. I would prefer that a diplomatic solution be made, but if Iraq refuses to cooperate, then I agree … Continue reading

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