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Nothing exciting.

My daughter is in France this week. She had the opportunity to go visit a good friend of hers who is living in France for a year. So off she went all by her big self to another country across … Continue reading

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Brakes good.

It turns out that brakes are a good thing on a vehicle. It therefore follows that losing the brakes is a bad thing. My wife was reluctantly converted to a mini-van driver a while back, due to an increased need … Continue reading

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Stuff an’ nonsense.

It’s been dead around here lately. The blog I mean. Sorry for that. It seems life has been a bit stressful lately, and I haven’t been putting in a lot of time online or on this ‘ere computer. Yeah, the … Continue reading

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My birthday

My birthday went ’round again. I survived yet another year. The day itself was pretty good. I took the day off work, and I’ve just sort of putzed around. I got some good loot from my family, and I’ll have … Continue reading

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A lull.

I haven’t posted here for a while. This is probably due to sheer laziness on my part, with a bit of personal funk thrown in. We all have our off times, and I’ve been going through one lately. To make … Continue reading

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Mmmm. Bagels.

My wife loves me. This morning, as I’m heading out the door to work, she hands me two plain bagels and a tub of olive cream cheese. These yummy morsels come from a local bagel place that really knows what … Continue reading

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Whoop dee doo.

Roughly two and a half weeks ago, I caught some sort of bug. Ran a fever for four or five days, had some respiratory troubles, and then started feeling better. After a while I felt a lot better, but I … Continue reading

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Sickness and Contagion.

If you’ve kept up with my running blog at all, then you’ll know that I’ve been sick for the last couple of weeks. It’s some sort of chest cold that settled in and has thus far refused to move out. … Continue reading

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New razor.

My last Norelco razor was getting kind of old. I’ve been using it on a pretty daily basis now for 5 to 6 years. So my wife went out and bought me a new one. The state of the art … Continue reading

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Catching up.

Just catching up on goings on, since it’s been a while since I posted. Camp Jeep turned out to be a lot of fun. I got to drive their Jeeps off-road. What’s not to like? The new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon … Continue reading

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Well, the plumbing job is finished now. They’ve dug up our street, replaced some pipe, and are re-covering it. They had estimated the job to be “about a day and a half.” But the job, fortunately, was finished in more … Continue reading

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I’ve been robbed. More or less literally, though it wasn’t in person or anything like that. It seems that a fraudulent charge has been made on the check-card on my personal checking account. Fortunately, this is a separate account from … Continue reading

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This morning, as I was peacefully taking a shower, what should I hear but the whoopin’ and hollerin’ of my lovely wife as she discovered that the drains from our house to the city sewer system had plugged up. When … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

This year Father’s Day coincided with my daughter’s birthday. Though there was a small amount of conflict of resources, it was a most successful day for the both of us. We were both pretty well spoiled (primarily through the selfless … Continue reading

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Got a Gmail account, it seems nifty.

Thanks to mefi user smich (and keli, though smich beat her by a hair), I have been given an invitation to Gmail, which is Google’s new email service. It won’t become my primary email, but I will probably use it … Continue reading

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